Jesus and Your Job Video Series

Small Group Study / Produced by TOW Project

Jesus and Your Job

A Video Series Featuring Christian Professionals

In this video series, renowned New Testament scholar Sean McDonough explores exactly what Jesus has to do with everyday work. After two foundational talks on the way God created work and why it's difficult today, Sean explores, one video at a time, what the New Testament has to say about modern professions. He is joined each week by a different panel of professionals who share what the Bible and the Christian faith have to do with their everyday work.

USE THESE VIDEOS in your small group

You can use these videos to spark discussion in your small group. The landing page for each video includes discussion questions to get your group talking. Watch the video together and discuss the questions, or send out the link beforehand and ask members to watch or read in advance. You can use these videos as a 13-week series, or pick out one video that's relevant to your work and discuss as a group.

  1. Intro Part 1: Good News

  2. Intro Part 2: Bad News

  3. Engineering

  4. Crafts and Trades

  5. Artists

  6. Management

  7. Finance

  8. Education

  9. Food Services

  10. Counseling

  11. Healthcare

  12. Lawyers

  13. Jesus' Ten Principles for Working